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The Banni grassland offers a unique opportunity to study a rich bio-cultural landscape. We welcome volunteers, interns, artists, and others to spend time in residence. Please contact us for more information on when we might be able to accommodate you.

Jaikrishna Indraji Thaker Research Opportunity

Jaikrishna Indraji was a senior botanist who produced the first ecologically informed monographs on the fora and fauna of the Banni landscape in the late nineteenth century. The Jaikrishna Indraji Thaker Research Opportunity, supports researchers who wish to work in the Banni landscape. The socio-ecological system of Banni offers numerous possibilities of conducting research on subjects ranging over a broad spectrum including grassland ecology, environmental science, economics, history and social-anthropology. In addition, the research centre in Hodka provides logistic support that includes accommodation, basic equipment, travel and field assistance.
In our 4th year, we are inviting applications from researchers from diverse disciplines – such as botany, environmental education, conservation, zoology, economics, development studies, social work, cultural studies, and related backgrounds - can apply for field-based research on the following questions:
-For the Saurashtra region,
Extensive scoping research of Vidis, the traditional grasslands of Saurashtra. Little is known about these systems, as yet. Researchers will be expected to A. Identify areas of critical biodiversity habitats in and around these vidis, B. the existing use patterns of these open grassland systems, and C. To identify and understand the socio-ecological complexities that the pastoral communities of Saurashtra face.

-For Banni grasslands,
1. In Banni, there are 47 Community Forest Resource Management Committees (CFRMCs) formed during the process of recognition of Community Forest Rights under the Forest Rights Act 2006. The researcher is expected to do an exhaustive review of the literature and current management plans and contribute to the Community-based Forest Rights Management Committees of the same.

2. A Bio-cultural Protocol (BCP) was created in 2012 for Banni by Natural Justice, South Africa, and Sahjeevan. In the last decade, the international as well as the national legal landscape of the rights of the indigenous communities, especially with respect to local natural and genetic resources, has seen a paradigm shift. In this theme, we want the researcher to upgrade the BCP for Banni with in-depth qualitative research and literature review. Simultaneously, the researcher is expected to prepare village-based case studies for BCP for the selected sites.

Funding &

Based on support provided by the Axis Bank Foundation, 3 fellowships will be provided per year for the next five years. These funds are meant to support field research that uses facilities at the RAMBLE field station. The budget should not exceed INR 200,000, including costs that are charged for the use of the Banni field station (please visit the field station facilities tab for more details).
The RAMBLE research committee is the final authority to decide on all fellowship applications and considers applications around the year.
Applicants can include those working on a masters or PhD thesis, as well as others not part of a degree programme. Applications should include a curriculum vitae, names of 2 referees and a one-page note on the applicant’s proposed work. Prior work in the Banni is NOT a prerequisite.
To apply, send mail to: banniresearch@gmail.com with the specific subject line “Application for Jaikrishna Indraji Thaker Research Opportunity”. 

Please indicate if you would like to work with any particular mentor while sending your application. Click here to know about available mentors.

Visit the Projects section to learn more about past and current projects undertaken at RAMBLE.

Salim Mama 
Fellowship (Upcoming)

Select pastoral youth who have passed through the Salim Mama course on Pastoral Ecosystems will be encouraged to apply for the Salim Mama Fellowship. This will provide financial support and mentorship for students to undertake independent research in the Banni. More details on this opportunity will follow.

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