Banni Research Station

The Banni Research station, set in the heart of one of Asia’s largest grasslands, is planned as a field station for researchers interested in the ecology, culture, history and management of this unique coupled human-natural system. The field station will have simple, clean and affordable accommodation for up to eight researchers. It will provide access to computers, office space, a meeting and lecture room (20 people)  and basic field equipment.

A common kitchen will cater simple vegetarian fare for researchers. Additional services and facilities offered include trained field assistants, local guides, access to two-wheelers and a four-wheel drive vehicle, and access to GIS and other data sources.


Accommodation (on a shared basis)

Rs 2000/month
Rs 100/day

Rs. 5000/month
Rs. 350/day

Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Rs 3500/month
Rs 150/day

Rs. 3500/month
Rs. 150/day


Vehicle usage charges: Rs. 12/km for four-wheel drive vehicle and Rs. 4/km for two-wheelers
Field Assistant charges: Rs. 300/day
Driver charges: Rs. 300/day

Please ensure you book accommodation, vehicles and field assistants/driver well in advance. For bookings contact Dr. Pankaj Joshi (

Facilities at RAMBLE Field Station:
1. Accommodation (3 rooms and 8 individuals)
2. Computers, printers, scanners etc. with networking
3. Kitchen facilities
4. Filed Equipments like GPS, Soil auger, Compass (Sunto sighting), Vernier calipers digital small & large, Dial calipers large & small, Camera + tripod, Camera traps, Binoculars, Disk pasturemeter, Tablet etc…
5. Lab Equipments like Drying oven, Balances etc…



Contact Information

Banni Research Centre,Hodko, Bhuj