Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)


Ankila Hiremath is an ecologist who works at the interface between human and natural systems. She is interested in invasive species, fire, NTFP, restoration, and the links between plant traits and ecosystem processes. For more on Ankila’s research, please visit

Nitin Rai uses interdisciplinary approaches to study ecological and social outcomes of biodiversity conservation and to evolve collaborative structures of governance. His research incorporates ecological science, history of landscape transformation, political ecology and local knowledge. More information on his work and interests might be found at

Swati Shresth is an environmental historian. Her research focusses on socio-political and cultural relations that determine natural resource use, interactions between formal and informal systems of governance, and on issues related to livelihoods and equity. For more information on Swati’s research interests, please visit:

Abi Vanak is centrally concerned with issues relating to the conservation of species, landscapes and biodiversity. His research focusses on conservation in natural systems, but also in human-modified and human-dominated landscapes. Much of his past work involves the study of mammalian carnivores, and in particular, meso-carnivores. In general, carnivores exist at relatively low numbers and yet can dramatically influence animal and plant communities. Thus, by studying carnivores, he hopes to gain insight into the importance of the individual within natural systems. His research program is not, however, restricted to either carnivores or mammals. For more information on his research interests and current projects see:

The National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)


Mahesh Sankaran’s research interests span two broad areas of ecology: plant-herbivore-soil interactions and biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships. Most of his work is carried out in arid and semi-arid savanna and grasslands, and focuses on processes operating at the interface between community and ecosystem ecology. More details on his research can be found here:



Pankaj Joshi has a Ph.D in Plant Science with research interests in the fields of plant taxonomy, the conservation of rare and endangered plants, ethno-botany and grassland restoration.



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